“Mexidol®” is the first laureate of “Molecule of Life” Award

On November 23, 2016 there was a significant event: Mexidol® won “Molecule of Life” Award, which was first established by the Russian Scientific Medical Society of Therapists (RSMSP). Thus, Mexidol® became the first laureate of pharmaceutical prize, established by the oldest and one of the most representative professional medical societies. The Award was presented at the Opening of the XIth National Congress of Physicians. “Preparation, which has been in arsenal of many specialists for a long time, has confirmed its effectiveness and safety with high demand and trust of doctors,” Andrei Alexandrovich Spassky, General Secretary of RSMSP, explained the choice of community. The Award was presented by the President of RSMSP, Academician of RAS Anatoly Ivanovich Martynov and Vice-President of RSMSP, Corresponding Member of RAS Grigory Pavlovich Arutyunov.

Mexidol® is a unique development of domestic pharmaceutical industry. Due to universal mechanism of action and a wide range of pharmacological effects Mexidol® is effective in treatment of acute and chronic diseases, caused by ischemia and hypoxia of various genesis. To date, the drug is widely used in neurology, therapy, cardiology, psychiatry, and narcology.

RSMSP is a public association, based on membership, created on the initiative of health care professionals, and unites the republican, provincial, regional and city societies of therapists of the Russian Federation. RSMSP is one of the oldest professional associations: the decision to create the Society was made in December 1909 at the First Congress of Russian Therapists. The main goal of the RSMSP activities is integrating of medical community of the Russian Federation to promote the fullest and most comprehensive development of national healthcare, medical science and education, professional growth of health care professionals, carrying out research, educational and practical work in the field of therapy and related disciplines.