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Study of the efficacy and safety of sequential use of the drugs Mexidol and Mexidol FORTE 250 in the treatment of stroke

Objective. To evaluate the effect of Mexidol on the recovery of cognitive functions in patients after ischemic stroke (IS). Material and methods. We examined 70 patients with acute IS, who were randomized into 2 groups by random sampling; The 1st group consisted of patients who, against the background of the main standard therapy for 14 days, received Mexidol intravenously, 500 mg 1 time per day, followed by oral administration of Mexidol FORTE 250, 750 mg per day for 60 days (40 patients; 28 men, 12 women). Group 2 consisted of 30 patients (21 men, 9 women) who received only standard therapy.

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