To efficiency of the use of mexidol for patients by a chronic pancreatitis in the stage of intensifying

PhD of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor of department of biology of the Luhansk National university, Luhansk
Master’s degree of department of Biology of the Luhansk National university, Luhansk
Manager by a surgical separation, Surgeon of higher category of the Luhansk municipal multi-field hospital 3, Luhansk

Abstract. Studied the problems of treatment and modern prophylaxis for the patients of suffering a chronic pancreatitis. Influence of mexidol is analysed on the biochemical indexes of blood, glucose of blood. Proved, that mexidol applied in a complex with standard therapy, able to influence reparative processes in a pancreas. On the basis of undertaken a study it is suggested to apply mexidol authors additionally with basic therapy, for patients by a chronic pancreatitis, with the purpose of facilitation of flow of this disease and decline r risk of development of complications requiring an.

Keywords: chronic pancreatitis; mexidol; amylase; thymol test; urea; blood glucose; treatment; preventive maintenance; reparative.