Improving the effectiveness of pharmacotherapy in comorbid patients with chronic cerebral ischemia on an outpatient basis


1Kemerovo State Medical University, Kemerovo, Russia;
2Barbarash Kuzbass Clinical Cardiological Dispensary , Kemerovo, Russia

Objective. To study the efficacy and safety of sequential therapy with Mexidol (500 mg 1 time/day for 14 days intravenously) and Mexidol FORTE 250 (Mexidol FORTE 250 for 250 mg 3 times/day, 60 days) in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI) on an outpatient basis. Material and methods. The open comparative study included 56 patients aged 46—74 years, age — 60.5+7.9 years. In all patients, the diagnosis of CCI was confirmed by clinical and neuroimaging methods. Patients of group 1 (n=28) received basic therapy and Mexidol, group 2 (n=28) received only basic therapy. Results. Against the background of therapy in patients of group 1, there was a statistically significant improvement in the state of cognitive functions, a decrease in the severity of symptoms of depression and anxiety, manifestations of asthenia. The treatment was characterized by good tolerability, absence of adverse events and cases of drug interactions. Conclusion. Sequential therapy with Mexidol and Mexidol FORTE 250 drugs provides relief of the main clinical manifestations of CCI, is characterized by good tolerability and safety. Keywords: chronic cerebral ischemia, arterial hypertension, ethylmethylhydroxypyridine succinate, Mexidol, Mexidol FORTE 250.