The efficacy of antioxidant treatment with mexidol forte in 250 patients with chronic cerebral venous insufficiency

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, Russia

Objective. To study the efficacy and safety of complex treatment with 2-ethyl-3-hydroxy-6-methylpyridine (mexidol forte 250) and venotonic drugs L-lysine aescinat and diosmin/hesperidin in patients with chronic cerebral venous insufficiency (CCVI). Material and methods. One hundred and twenty CCVI patients with clinical and ultrasonic signs of cerebral venous discirculation were studied. Patients were stratified into group 1 (n=40) treated perorally with mexidol forte 250 and diosmin/hesperidin during 74 days in combination with two courses of L-lysine aescinat intravenously on the 1st and 30th days from baseline, group 2 (n=40) treated with mexidol forte 250 and diosmin/hesperidin during 74 days, group 3 (n=40) treated perorally with diosmin/hesperidin during 74 days. Results and conclusion. The efficacy and safety of the complex treatment of CCVI patients with venotonic drugs with the inclusion of mexidol forte 250 at a dose of 750 mg/day for 74 days is shown. The study demonstrates a significant positive effect of mexidol forte 250 on the dynamics of complaints and indicators of the neurological and psychoemotional status of patients. Monotherapy with the venotonic drug diosmin/hesperidin shows its insufficient efficacy. Keywords: chronic cerebral venous insufficiency, antioxidants, mexidol forte 250, venotonic drugs, L-lysine aescinat, diosmin/hesperidin.