Cognitive impairments as a universal clinical syndrome in a therapist’s practice

Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation, Moscow Healthcare Department, Russia

The problem of cognitive dysfunctions in patients with somatic diseases occupies a prominent place now since they are one of the most common manifestations of organic brain lesions. The early detection of potentially cured cognitive impairments is one of the important tasks of a present-day therapist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, and family doctor as the patients with early-stage cognitive impairments constitute the majority of those who have sought medical advice. In the modern world, primary health care physicians’ actions are decisive in predicting the development of dementia since the detection of early non-dementia forms of cognitive impairments and neuroprotective therapy with mexidol in particular are frequently quite sufficient to considerably reduce the degree of the impairments and to improve the prognosis of dementia.

Keywords: cognitive impairments, dementia, mexidol.