The effect of mexidol in the combination with antidepressants on sleep disturbance in young patients with panic disorder

Kirov Academy of Military Medicine, St.-Petersburg

We studied 70 patients with panic disorder, 30 men and 40 women, mean age 34,5±1,8 years. All patients had insomnia. Patients were classified into the main and control groups. Patients of the control group received antidepressants only (fevarin in dosage 150 mg daily). Patients of the main group were additionally treated with mexidol (375 mg daily). The treatment duration was two weeks. A clinical and instrumental (polysomnography) examination revealed that the use of mexidol enhanced the decrease in anxiety disorders, autonomic disturbances and insomnia and improved quality of life of the patients.

Keywords: panic disorder, antidepressant, mexidol.