Oxidative stress and its pharmacological correction mexidol in traumatic brain injury

State budget institution of higher professional education «Omsk State Medical Academy» of Ministry for health care of Russia, Omsk, Russia

Abstract. Examined and treated 114 patients with isolated severe head injury at the age of 18 to 55 years. Group I included 61 patients who survived, in group II — 53 patients who died on the 3–15th day post-traumatic period. Patients I and II groups had complex intensive therapy according to existing protocols. 15 patients (subgroup I1) was prepared in the complex therapy meksidol 1200 mg per day for 7–10 days. Against the background of mexidol decreased intensity of lipid peroxidation, maintained at a sufficient level power antioxidant defense system cells, there was an earlier resolution of post-traumatic encephalopathy and recovery of consciousness. The treatment mexidol noted more favorable during the early post-traumatic period, a reduction of complications (χ2=55,4; p<0,0001) — syndrome of acute lung injury, disseminated intravascular coagulation, acute cardiovascular failure, and pneumonia.

Keywords: traumatic brain injury, oxidative stress, mexidol.