The results of the study of the efficacy and safety of mexidol in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia

Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow.

Objective. To analyze the efficacy and safety of mexidol and their effect on the dynamics of neurological signs of the disease, emotional status and quality of life in patients with chronic cerebral ischemia (CCI). Material and methods. We studied 45 patients with CCI who received mexidol in dose 500 mg a day during 14 days by introvenal introduction with the following peroral administration in doses 500 mg twice a day during 60 days. A comparison group included 30 patients with CCI matched for age, risk factors and severity of neurological symptoms, who did not receive mexidol. Patients of both groups received standard treatment that included medications needed for the complete correction of the risk factors. Cognitive function (MMSE), movement activity and quality of life (SF-36) were assessed. Results. To the end of the study (74th day), a decrease in the severity of movement disorders, normalization of SF-36 scores and improvement of mean values of screening-assessment of cognitive function were identified in patients of the main group compared to those of the comparison group. Conclusion. The high efficacy and safety of treatment of CCI patients with mexidol using.

Keywords: chronic cerebral ischemia, oxidative stress, movement disorders, depression, quality of life, mexidol.